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Turning Complexities into Opportunities

Meet us & Körber Parcel Logistic at the Parcel+Post Expo! 


Would you like to improve your system’s efficiency? Reduce time spent on parcel sorting? Need powerful software to optimize your logistics processes? Together, we successfully transform your parcel logistics.  Trust in our decades of experience in postal and parcel processes – The volume of parcels is increasing every year, as do delivery requirements. 

As an expert in automation and digitalization with decades of experience, we offer a broad portfolio of efficient products and solutions for parcel and mail processing.  

The leading CEP service providers already trust in our technology. You can also trust in us!  
Meet the Körber Parcel Logistics experts at the Parcel+Post Expo and let’s get started! 

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Special highlights are:



Our highly efficient robotics solution for dynamic picking:

It is designed to flexibly remove predefined items from a moving 2D bulk stream. Deep learning technology is used to precisely identify the shape and position of the objects. The robot is also capable of determining the optimal gripping point. This and the special gripper design ensure safe transportation.

Visicon Compact

Singulate up to 7,000 items per hour on 7 m2:

The singulator generates a continuous stream of individual shipments arranged one after the other, with a predefined gap. The advanced AI-based vision system accurately detects and records the shape, size and relative position of each parcel and forwards this information to the control system. The system calculates singulation parameters to automatically singulate parcels.

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Intelligent software

to utilize the full hub potential:

With our digital applications, we raise transparency and flexibility in your hub to a whole new level. Hub operations can be kept at optimal performance by detecting anomalies, uncovering underutilized assets and resources, and locating process inefficiencies. The right software helps you to improve your effectiveness in daily operations

Parcel+Post Expo conference


The 2022 Parcel+Post Expo conference will feature a unique combination of ‘live’ in-person and virtual conference sessions, workshops and panel debates.

Thorsten Bohn, our head of sales for the mail and parcel business, will talk about "Boosting automation parcel handling via robotics“.

You also should not miss our global key account manager Torsten Tanz, who will explain "High-quality and efficiency in bulk flow processing“.

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